Demo Days & Fitting Days

Our customers know one of the most important factors in their decision to purchase golf clubs was having the ability to try them. At Sittler Golf Center, you can do just that! We invested thousands of dollars to offer an extensive line of Demo Equipment that you can try any day of the week.

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7 Holiday Gifts for a Golfer

From stocking stuffers to presents under the tree, golf gifts aplenty for you and me. Here are the perfect gifts to treat the golfer in your life, even if that golfer is you.

  1.     It's been called the ultimate stocking stuffer. Pro V1 golf balls will bring a smile to any golfer's face.
  2.     The wand makes the wizard. Perhaps a new set of clubs is on tap for the wizard in your life?
  3.     Big divot? No problem.
  4.     Mark your spot. Make that birdie.
  5.     This will be their new swag bag.
  6.     Look good. Play good.
  7.     Hats off to you for this perfect gift.

So come one, come all...plan your next stop. It makes too much sense, we'll see you at the Pro Shop.


Dining @ The Hacker Hill Grill

Whether it's breakfast before your round, lunch after or just something quick at the turn, The Hacker Hill Grill has everything to satisfy your craving. The Chef Staff at The Grill offer a unique fusion of traditional golf course fare and the latest culinary trends. Every day the chef's will prepare multiple creative specials that are very affordable. The quality of service along with the spectacular views makes The Grill the perfect place to dine.

What is this game?!?

It's a game...have fun! Golf, the four letter word that invites both official and unofficial substitutes. As golfers, I assume you are like me and have read several articles that: shame, embarrass, insult, and even yell at golfers to stop making this a life or death situation. We need to start playing golf for what it is, a game. Here is my plea in so many words.

Stop working at golf and stop pretending that dinner rides on you making that 4 footer. If you miss, will anyone else on this planet really care? Maybe your partner? So there goes another $2 nassua!

I had a boss many years ago that stated "These golfers are crazy." They blame everything and everybody while never stopping to take in the moment(s). What a good day it is if you could spend it on the golf course. This former boss was a ski instructor who had migrated over to golf from years as a "ski bum." He managed 8 to 10 thousand skiers in a day and they were not as demanding as 144 golfers!

Maybe we would all be better if we stopped looking for perfection in a game that will never be perfected. Maybe stop expecting people to be perfect when we can't possibly be! This was the message from Pinehurst this year. A new kind of perfection will be expected from golf courses now that water is more precious and scarcer than it was decades ago.

So what is the message here? This is a great game that is filled with some of the finest people who you can meet. It all comes down to expectations. Well, at least again for ME! Awe the secret to happiness. Lower your expectations when the situation presents itself and you will always be happy.

What are our/ your expectations, and how have they gotten to this point? How can we expect that the course, the staff, the food, AND the weather all have to be perfect for us to be happy when we leave #18? I recently reminded one of our members that the richest person in the world still can't buy a game so why try? Have "FUN" I implored.

Fun, fun, fun! Why not go out have a few yucks with your friends and enjoy this great game and all that it offers!