Member Login

Normally, a login is required for 'Private Pages' of your website. When a member logs in with their Username/Password, a "Private Menu" will show up on the redirection page.

For your website, you can choose one of the following:

  1. A single, shared member login account (easy to manage)
  2. Each member can have their own account & login info (need for interactive member directory)

Either option is fine from our perspective. What you choose depends on the level of commitment you'll give to managing the information and what your members expect. Be sure to discuss the advantages & disadvantages of both with our sales team prior to deciding.

For purposes of our demonstration website, we've made all Member Pages PUBLIC so you can see the technology. Simply choose an option on the right in the "Members Only" menu. These options are also listed in the Main Menu under "Member Section".

You can also see a sample Member Login Form below:

Member Login